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March 5, 2008

Old Floppy Drive converted to a Slot Load CD-Rom Drive – IBM XT Upgrade

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Many of you have an old IBM XP computer collecting dust in your basement. If you are wanting to do something with it since you can’t throw out the thousand dollar box think about upgrading it! Stick a micro ATX motherboard into it and mod the floppy drive to accept CDs. Your old XT machine will be running at speeds it could only dream about.


"I have this thing with my electronics appearing old on the outside, but brand new on the inside. i gutted this vintage IBM 5160 XT computer. and welded in the supports for a micro ATX motherboard, as well as a ton of other case mods to make it work. and converting the old 5¼ floppy drive to a slot-loading DVD burner was the finishing touch to my XT project. i used a slot-loading Panasonic UJ-845 DVD-RAM drive with a "jae to ide adapter". to make it work on a home computer. i also had to reroute the led and eject button from the DVD to the faceplate of the old floppy drive. lots of work, but I’m very happy with the results."



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6 Responses to “Old Floppy Drive converted to a Slot Load CD-Rom Drive – IBM XT Upgrade”

  1. Hideki Says:


    Ahh, but does it still have the big red power switch, this is the question -.o

  2. Myself Says:

    Been done before, as part of the beautiful conversion of a Commodore SX64 to a Mini-ITX-based PC:


  3. WebsiteKo! Says:

    How you did that?

    is there any setups or installation?

  4. Evan Says:

    hideki, yes the red switch does turn on the ATX power supply


  5. slot load blu ray drive Says:

    […] to a slot load CD-Rom drive – IBM XT Upgrade??? … ApprenticeWizard on blu ray Laser Hack …http://hackedgadgets.com/2008/03/05/old-floppy-drive-converted-to-a-slot-load-cd-rom-drive-ibm-xt-up…FastMac Product – Blu-ray Drive Upgrade for your MacBlu-ray drive Upgrade for your iBook G4, […]

  6. how to install a floppy drive Says:

    nice guide, thanks

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