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February 26, 2008

Amaizing RC Demonstration Videos

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Some of these videos look a bit suspicious… Any fakes amongst them? I could see how the RC car that is tethered to the center pole could achieve some tremendous speed but I wonder if the video was simply sped up?






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31 Responses to “Amaizing RC Demonstration Videos”

  1. Bill Says:

    I think the first one may be real, but there’s not much visual context. At some points, it feels like maybe they play it backwards. I’m not into RC, but I suppose a helicopter could be that agile. Same with the last one. I’d guess the boat, too, is real.

    I think the second one, the RC car, is fake. The camera follows it way too fast.

    Subtle clues.

  2. Tracki Says:

    The first one is real. I found a similar one not too long ago (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8t41avFuCc). I’ve seen similar flying in person, but not nearly as fast and skilled. Not sure about the car and the boat, but the indoor flying is real.

  3. Steve Says:

    Yep, those are all normal.

    I’ve got a micro electric heli; flying like that is somewhat trivial and normal (after you spend a few grand in crash parts, heh). I regularly like to land mine on the ceiling, upside down. Nitro helis like in the clip… somewhat slower and more expensive to crash, but otherwise fully capable if your fuel setup is correct.

    Tether cars have always been faster than wireless. I recall seeing a top speed tether over about 245mph several years ago. Electric carpet racers are still the fastest wireless, but there’s a few road-rash nitros that’ll beat 200mph… once.

    The boat… absolutely real. He easily dumped a few hundred for a custom wound motor and ESC. As for the camera work, remember that you’re NOT seeing any of the takes where he missed it.

    The foam planes are common… those have a thrust to weight ratio of about 50:1 lol. They can do K-turns in a coat closet πŸ™‚ Definately worth checking out, as parts cost pennies – the only real costs are the tx/rx and motor, so most crashes don’t matter.

  4. Rob Says:

    If you look at the flags they move at the same speed throughout the video.

  5. Craig Says:

    I agree with Rob, I noticed the same thing and came in here to comment.

  6. Project_Nightmare Says:

    The first two are fake, the helicopter went upside-down in the video and that is completely impossible unless the laws of inertia don’t apply, not to mention that the helicopter looks like its being dragged around the movie background!!! The car one looks like the have the video playing on fast forward because there are jumps in the frames. The other two are quite real.

  7. Bill Says:

    The first is most definatly not fake; Alan Szabo is 3D world champion. I’ve seen this type of flying for real at model shows it is simply amazing!

  8. Craig Says:

    Do a Google for T rex helicopters. They will blow your mind! And yes they will fly upside-down and backwards.

  9. Donovan Says:

    These are all very real, amazing, and real.

  10. Chris Rybitski Says:

    The second one is fake. As the car starts getting faster there is a moth or some sort of bug that is unnaturally flying around. It seems that it has been sped up towards the end.

  11. digitalB Says:

    These are real! I just went to the AMA (American Modelers Association) convention here in Ontario, California and there were people doing helicopter stunts and airplane stunts like those in the video above all inside a small banquet hall. It was simply amazing!

  12. wackyvorlon Says:

    I can confirm that the video of the tether car is very real. It was a far more popular hobby in the 50s, but it still has a pretty strong fan base. Here’s video of a similar car running:


    The cars are small, and usually only have to wheels. They rely on the tether to keep them upright.

  13. l337biker Says:

    The helicopter is real and I’m gonna have to say the car is as well. Notice how low the gearing is that they have to push start it with a stick and then help its momentum w/ the guy in the center. Some of those motors in those cars spin up to 40,000 RPMs… and considering you can buy a car that will do 70mph with a 2 speed automatic transmission ready to run out of the box, what do you think a tether car designed to do that loop will do?

  14. Alex Says:

    If the car video isn’t sped up how come the birds can fly so fast… Is it the nitromethane fumes…

    I believe the helicopter video. I have seen it done before

  15. MIKY Says:


  16. rcer Says:

    lose yourself for a few hours at the rcgroups forum. http://www.rcgroups.com

  17. bandulu Says:

    electric helis are much much faster than gasoline ones..

  18. Carlos Says:

    The second is fake… Look and see some birds fly at greatttttt speedddd…. lool

  19. Craig Says:

    The second is real: It’s not a bird but an insect (butterfly I believe) It’s a matter of perspective. It’s closer to the camera than you think. You can see that it flies in front of the fence area right before the text scrolls by. Watch it again and you’ll see what I mean.

  20. Alexander Says:

    Every single video is real. The car is the only one where I think it might be ‘sped up’ just a touch. It seems to suddenly get really fast and then it slows down too quickly at the end.

    However, the heli is real. Raptor 90 and the very experienced pilot are models of perfection. Yes, you can fly upside down and all that. The rotors can rotate all the way around, so you are thrusting ‘up’ and not down.

    The boat is also real. Anything that works full scale (the real boats) will work scaled down. Usually the speed doesn’t scale though–it stays full speed. πŸ˜›

    There are some boats that can fly, because they are so light and the motors are so powerful. Look up ‘hydrofoam’ and you will see what I mean.

    The last one is very, very real. Those precision flying guys are so perfect, it is like a ballet in the air. Those planes weigh almost nothing, and come apart at the drop of a hat.

    You guys should look up some of the ‘micro’ RC cars. 1/36th scale. Fast little carpet racers.

  21. Simonc3 Says:

    The first one is real! You can defanetly to that with those helicoptors!
    The Second one is real, Look at the red flag!
    The third one is real, Have seen it dose before (well not that one)
    and the last one I can’t see, been removed, but looking at the perview pic, it looks like a foam 3D model definetly real

  22. MadScott Says:

    These all seem accurate and are about right for their respective areas. Note that the car track is specifically designed (and shielded) for these cars.

    Tethered cars have been a part of modeling for a *long* time, and the speeds aren’t unrealistic. Also the “slower” of the video (smoke dissipation, flag flutter etc.) are at about the right speed. Consider this, though — NASCAR, Indy and F1 cars among other go this fast … with people in them! Not to mention drag racers that may go 50% faster.

    After all that, a discount airline ticket will get *you* going two and a half times faster than the car in the video….

  23. urban Says:

    Hi, i think some of these a are fake, the helicopter flight seems very un-natural, almost as if it has been rendered, at the very least it has been sped up

    the car one has been sped up for sure, its easy to miss, but you can see a bird flying around at warp factor 9

  24. Heliguy Says:

    They are real. If you search a bit deeper, you will see a lot more of these videos on youtube. Because of the rc heli’s light weight, the power to weight ratio allows it to do things a full sized heli cannot do.

    Anyone who suspects them to be fake has obviously been in a cave for the past 5 years

  25. Justin Says:

    the only suspicious one is the second one, however if you look at the flag moving in the wind, it is a real speed, so it is not fake, those rc cars can go really fast!

    As far as the helicopter is is real for sure, they are pretty amazing if you know how to fly them.

  26. Will Says:

    the car video is very real. Look at the American flag on the left side of the screen it does not speed up. Also its a bug not a bird that comes into the frame, its flying in front of the fence.

  27. LotusMan Says:

    They are all real. Not only they are real, it is so easy a 4-year-old can do it. Google or YouTube search “Justin Chi”
    or Cut & Paste below.


  28. LotusMan Says:

    Here is one more with 6 year old.


  29. LotusMan Says:

    Here is one from Korea. The kid was born in 2004.


  30. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the links Lotus. πŸ™‚

  31. ney Says:

    Hi, guys, how are ya, i hope so, and i got an ask about how to make a scheme to speed a rc toy car’s motor, adding bats or making a circuit change, whatever, thank you very much!!!

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