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February 21, 2008

IR LEDs used to defeat Security Cameras

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I have seen lasers used to "dazzle" security cameras before but they normally use visible light and need pinpoint accuracy to be effective. I had never thought about using an array of IR LEDs (infrared light emitting diodes) to create a permanent result that would not be noticeable to anyone else around.

Original Version, Translated version

"IR.ASC is an infrared light – to the device before Divining infrared surveillance cameras.  There is no special technical knowledge of each reconstructed.  The device emits infrared light from the infrared images from surveillance cameras disturbs. The face of the person is monitored by a light ball over. Since the whole interaction in a non-visible spectrum (at frequencies between 780nm and 1mm), the man noticed nothing of it and he sees neither the infrared emission of radiation surveillance camera nor by the IR.ASC "

Via: Boing Boing


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  1. Corbomite Says:

    I have a fool proof way to defeat traffic cameras and speed traps. Pay the toll and slow down. No charge.

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