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February 18, 2008

Ford Ranger MP3 Radio AUX Input MOD

at 5:22 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks

There are many products that will allow you to hook up your latest audio gear to your car stereo but none of them will give you the sound quality of this Ford Ranger MP3 Radio AUX Input MOD.

"I recently purchased a new cell phone and wanted to play my MP3’s in my truck. My truck has the factory radio in it and did not alow me to do this. I once used a FM linker to play my MP3’s but found the music quality very poor. This was my solution to the problem."

Via: HG Forum



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7 Responses to “Ford Ranger MP3 Radio AUX Input MOD”

  1. Mario Garcia Says:

    I am very new to attempting electronics mods and i did this one i was able to get the audio from my mp3 player out but could not disable the sound from the cd player itself. I know i’m missing something. any advice anyoune could offer would be greatly appreciated

  2. prerunner Says:

    WOW! I always wonder how people find stuff out like this. Very cool trick, thanks a lot guys!

  3. Seth Says:

    Can anyone provide detailed instructions on this mod? I’m new and would like to attempt it.

  4. Robert Says:

    I tried this on my 1998, with FANTASTIC results.

    In response to Mario I just put in a cd that had blank tracks. It will just play it over and over. I am hoping to override it somehow… But It works extremely well for now.

    Thank you!

  5. Mike Says:

    I want to try this on my 01 Ranger wroth a 6 disc changer. Any suggestions would be helpful

  6. Robert Says:

    Mike, you might try to get your hands on a single. Or get another out of a wrecked truck to play with. Just a suggestion.

    Getting into the single cd was quite easy. So maybe the 6 wouldn’t be too bad.

  7. Protto Says:

    Hi Alan …
    Your projet is great !
    I have the almost the same radio on my 2003 Ranger , the front of the radio is the same , but inside is different .However I can see the connector with multiple wires from the CD to the amplifier…..
    The 64,000.00 Dlls. is how can I find the LOUT-ROUT and the grownd.The board doesn’t indicate nothing .
    If you have some ideas , you will save my life !!!


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