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February 15, 2008

Fire Glove

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 If you are looking for a dangerous project to work on you are in luck. This project could burn you and burn down you house. But who said fun projects were always safe? Matiah Shaman has full instructions for his Fire Glove on his youtube page.


"It took me a while to figure out how to build this. I took apart many things that you should not ever take apart (disposable cameras, lighters), and used the most dangerous parts of them in dangerous ways. Please don’t try to sue me if you build a fire glove and burn your hand or point it in your eyeball and go blind, its NOT A SAFE PROJECT.

The most important thing to do is to take apart a few utility lighters (very very carefully, please don’t use power tools or hammers, we are dealing with explosive gases here!) I may post pictures at some point which would be very illustrative. I used a refillable utility lighter as the source of butane. It is essential that is refillable for obvious reasons. However, it turns out that the fast moving gas chilled the metal on the tank because of decompression. So I emptied and drilled a hole (very slowly using a small hand drill) in a large plastic non-refillable utility lighter tank and used a lot of good epoxy to get the valve from the refillable tank onto the plastic non-refillable tank. I then coupled a few plastic tubes to together and to the tiny metal nozzle of a standard, non-windproof utility lighter. I also epoxied the rubber hose onto the lighter tank."



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  3. Alexander Says:

    Flame on!

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