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February 14, 2008

Oscilloscope Tetris – Scopetris

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We know that you can make a cool clock scope, but have you ever seen a video game played on a scope? Well have a look at Scopetris! It seems that one scope manufacturer actually put the game in the firmware of the scope.


"The two resistor ladders, interfacing ports on the AtMega32, were connected to an oscilloscope in X/Y mode. The position of the beam was thus controllable by simply assigning values to registers in the microcontroller. Now, what to do with that setup… Draw stuff on the screen of course!

Unfortunately the intensity of the beam was not controllable, as it is on true vector screens. But due to the nature of good old green phosphor, the thinkness of the line could be controlled by how fast the beam moves."


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7 Responses to “Oscilloscope Tetris – Scopetris”

  1. desordenado Says:

    Not sure if it is an urban legend or if it is actually true, but I heard that the US NAVY, in their specs for a scope to use in submarines, requested to have tetris in them and that is why HP added tetris to their scopes firmware

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  3. VIDEO: Engineer Hacks Oscilloscope to Run Tetris · TechBlogger Says:

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  4. CyberTopo » Scopetris Says:

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  5. torspo Says:

    One of the worst tetris players I’ve seen.

  6. John Says:

    The very first video game was done on an oscope. It was supposed to be a tennis game, but it looked a whole lot like Pong. The guy who invited it did great work in nuclear proliferation and he fears he will be remembered for creating the first video game rather than his work stopping the spread of nukes. And I think this was all done in the 60’s.

  7. play tetris free Says:

    I really like tetris, I waiste all of my time at work playing it.

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