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February 13, 2008

Arduino based Drum Loop Machine

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Matt Mets is on a quest to make lots of cool hacks day after day! This Arduino based Drum Loop Machine is simple but nice and clever. Using a bunch of scavenged parts (the best kind) and an Arduino microcontroller he has made a drum recording device that will play back the same sequence that was recorded into it. He provides will source code and a schematic of the project. If you need some more project ideas his servo hack is also a neat idea.

Video after the jump.

"It was inspired by a project I saw a while ago, which consisted of these blocks that you could bang on, that then remembered that beat and would play it back. Mine isn’t quite so sophisticated, I just used a common switch for the input, but I think it was interesting as a proof of concept. You might notice that in the video, one of the ‘beats’ is missing from the output near the beginning- this is a consequence of only polling the input every so often."

Via: Make