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February 12, 2008

The Balloon Project – Berlin

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What a great idea to get some cool aerial pictures on a small budget. The uncontrolled flight aspect of the balloon adds to the excitement since no one knows exactly where the rig is going to go. With aerial RC plane videos everything is under control and there is little left to chance. As shown with this Berlin Balloon Project Launch the rig could not be located and it is only after some good citizens call them do they know where it actually landed. I think a small beacon might be a welcome addition to the project to make finding the thing a bit easier…

To have a look at all the balloon launches have a look at The Balloon Project site.

"It was a cold and rainy afternoon in Berlin and our last chance to do The Berlin Balloon Project. We strapped more than 30 helium balloons to a video camera and sent it up all by itself over the city some few hundred meters. We then proceeded to chase it down with bikes as the rain slowly brought it back to earth and in friendly hands.

The Balloon Project is a video project that started with the idea to send a video camera over the city of San Francisco – no strings attached: just the wind, gravity, and chasing it down to wherever it lands."