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February 8, 2008

Wiimote Nintendo Gun Mod

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If you own an Wii and miss the old Nintendo gun action this Wiimote Nintendo Gun Mod will bring back those memories…

 "The Nintendo Gun provided a better point and shoot mechanism than the add on modules that are available for the Wiimote. This hack allows you to adapt one of the original Nintendo Guns to work with the Wiimote. Since the Wiimote uses an IR camera to look at the sensor bar that sensor needs to be removed and installed in the tip of the gun."

Via: Hack a Wii


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3 Responses to “Wiimote Nintendo Gun Mod”

  1. Alexander Says:

    I am putting a classic controller into a SNES Advantage (As soon as it gets here.) so ya’ll will know about it.

  2. Cool Mods - The Wii Nes Light Gun Mod | Geeky Gadgets Says:

    […] AcidMods via HackaWii and Hacked Gadgets […]

  3. Gadget5 Says:

    I used to have a nintendo clone from Media and I had exactly the same looking gun as you are showing as nintendo. At that time I didn’t knew wats all these stuff but using this gun was annoying to me as it didn’t worked most of the time.

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