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February 7, 2008

Sacramento Police Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program Gaining Altitude

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If you are in the Sacramento area in the near future you may be looking up wondering what that buzzing noise is. Sacramento will be getting a new eye in the sky to help out law enforcement. Not sure how well it will be received, I can just imagine this thing crashing into a crowd of people buying a hot dog at an outdoor vendor.

"The Sacramento, Calif., Police Department announced its Urban Unmanned Aerial (UAV) Vehicle Program and showed off its unique homegrown version of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at the Versadex Conference in downtown Sacramento.

The mini airplane on display was one of two aircraft in the development stage designed to enhance the department’s existing airborne technology program. The current program consists of two helicopters with video downlink communications that stream video to mobile data terminals in police patrol cars and to mobile command vehicles."


Via: Robot Gossip