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January 30, 2008

Light Fires with a Flashlight – Worlds most Powerful

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If you are looking for something to take with you on your next wilderness trip you should consider swapping out your normal flashlight with the Worlds most Powerful Flashlight. The guys over at Wicked Lasers have done it again, they still produce some fantastic lasers but now they also make the coolest flashlight around. Need to cook an egg? No problem. Light a campfire? That is simple too. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you put it into your backpack. 🙂

Thanks Steve!










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6 Responses to “Light Fires with a Flashlight – Worlds most Powerful”

  1. Project_Nightmare Says:

    I got to get me one of those! Too bad I don’t have enough spending money to buy one

  2. Javi Says:


  3. Jolly Green Giant Says:

    No not a fake, take a look at http://www.blackbearflashlights.com/

  4. Robbo Says:

    O-T a little, but a thought nonetheless:

    After browsing the wicked laser site, I was wondering if the target “offender” could circumvent the veracity of the green laser by simply wearing red lensed glasses?

  5. Neodudeman Says:

    Uh. No. If someone wore red lensed glasses, that would ABSORB the green laser, allowing it to go straight through, right into that poor person’s retina.

    Green lensed glasses, however, would reflect the green laser, and therefore Would ‘circumvent the veracity.’

  6. Squarefish06 Says:

    For Neodudeman,
    Uh. No. Yourself.
    Absorbtion is the opposite of transmission.
    Green glass looks that way because it absorbs most of the rest of the visible spectrum, green glasses would not reflect the beam, they would allow it to pass straight through.
    Robbo is correct, if one knew what wavelength of laser was being used then yes, a correct set of filters,
    in a pair of goggles would be able to protect you.
    I still don’t think I’d like to be the one to try it though!

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