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January 16, 2008

Technology & Electronics Market in China

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Hello All,

I am back from China. It was a cold but exciting trip. I had the opportunity to check out some computer and technology markets when I was in China. I took some pictures and did a little shopping when I was there. More pictures and details to follow.

The technology markets and computer markets seem to be located by geographical location in a given town or city. Every major city seems to have their own little areas that are clustered together.

Here is another shot of a store front. These markets are stocked full of just about any electronic component, device or piece of test equipment imaginable.

The question that you may be asking yourself is “can I get really good deals” at these markets?
The answer is the same as with any bargain hunting. You will have to look and price carefully. Not everything is a steal in China, or for that matter anywhere else.

For example: I looked at Sony PSP players in several Chinese markets. Most of the vendors were selling these at a higher price that I could buy them at home. China has to pay import tax from Japan just like anywhere else.

Any major named brand item like HP, Sony, Fluke, Tektronix’s, expect to pay what you pay back home where you live, or close to it.

But that said, There are deals to be had if you look carefully. Also you have to factor in that in China there is no sales tax, VAT tax, etc on purchases.

For example her is a shot of a vendor who sells meters, power supplies and test equipment.
I purchased the shown EOne portable 25 Mhz Scope Multimeter for under $100.00 USD.

I also saw dual 0 – 30 Volt, 10 amp power supplies for around $100.00 USD as well.

Deals are to be had, you just have to look for them.

There were rows and rows of vendors selling all kinds of treasures. I could have spent hours treasure hunting in these shops. The wife got very impatient with me and later, paybacks were in order when she went to the fabric shops, but that is another story.

I do have to mention that it helps if you can speak Chinese or bring someone along who can. This way you can bargain on the prices. If you do not speak Chinese, the vendors just show you a calculator with the price on it. My Chinese is below average and that is why I had to bring the wife along.

More shots of vendors.

Here is a vendor that sold through-hole components. If I had only wrote down all of the parts I needed. After seeing tons and tons of components I just went blank and could not remember a single part number.

Did you say you wanted surface mounted chips? Here are reels and reels of them.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next time I go to the markets I will be prepared with a more complete list of things I need.


Joe Pitz


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15 Responses to “Technology & Electronics Market in China”

  1. Tony Nunn Says:

    portable oscilloscope for under $100. Thats insane! That place looks like geek paradise.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Welcome back!

    Love the pictures. I would have been in heaven. What type of percentage could you haggle them down to?

  3. marks256 Says:

    OOOOH! Now i want to go to China! I don’t speak Chinese, though…. Hopefully i will meet someone in college that can speak Chinese and is insain enough to go to china with me…. :p

  4. exploer Says:

    hi,i am a chinese,Welcome to china!haha!
    I am a university student live in Beijing and i am a electric fans .Hope you have a nice trip when you visit china again.

  5. Bob Funk Says:

    Welcome back. Looks like the electronic buying portion of the trip went well. I hope the fabric hunting was also a success.

  6. leonhill Says:

    OMG, based on the photos you took, you arrived in Qingdao, Shandong province?Right? I’m living in this city. But it seems that the market you just travelled is not the biggest one in Qingdao. I was a master student of Virginia Tech, so my English is not pretty poor. So, next time you come to China feel free to contact me, I’m sure that I will be a good guider.

    Oh, by the way, have you took Qingdao beer? Haha…

  7. sim Says:

    Heh, china is awesome for bits like this. Hong Kong is actually cheaper for a lot of random bits though, espec around the computer plaza in town (tsim sha tsui i think…) – surrounding by long arcades of tech shops

  8. marks256 Says:

    Quick question. Did customs have any problem with you taking that stuff home?

  9. Okk Says:

    I’m living in China, equipments are cheaper here than where you live in. but you must know that the income of a circuit engineer in china is about 300$ per month, and then he will cost 200$ for normal life, such as the place to live in and what he eat.
    so, there is your paradise ,not ours.
    haha, welcome to china again, i like your site.

  10. nailson Says:

    hey! Joe Pitz have u got an email i live in shanghai of china
    my email is nailson@yeah.net

  11. Bell Enow Says:

    I am a cameroonian by nationality an a dealer of electronics appliances such as cell phones television sets,computers amongs others.I have been trading no for three ears with a capital of 15 million cfaSiMy dream since i began trading has ever been to travel abroad or internationaly.So will be very greatfull if you can give me the opportunity to travel and buy from your shop also for you to list the available goods you have in stock and their prices as well.

  12. Sachin Awasthi Says:

    Dear All

    I am an Indian & i am staying in Bangalore one of the Metropolitans of India & a capital of one of the states. I help Students with their projects & try to train them on Embedded. I am looking for someone who can help me o
    me out. I want to come down to China but i understand that it is a big country & i need somebody to trade with me
    on the electronic components. Please reply somebody help Me….


  13. Sachin Awasthi Says:

    PLease contact me my email. id is awasthi_sachin@rediffmail.com & you can call me +919880221378


  14. nailson_china Says:

    i am working in shanghai my work is about embeded on ARM7
    if you come to shanghai of china you can connect with me

  15. Ernest Says:

    Dear Joe,

    With big interest I did read yuor article of your experience in China.
    I am currently in Beijing and searching for shops like this with electronic components.
    It would be great if you could provide me some addresses/phone numbers in Beijing where I could go to.
    Over the Internet it is quiet difficult to find.

    Thanks and best regards,


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