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January 13, 2008

Photo Studio Lighting on the Cheap

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I have been playing around with my new Canon S5 IS camera. Overall I am very happy at the quality of the pictures especially since they are being taken by me who is on the steep learning curve of photography. I took lots of macro pictures for the Fire Alarm Alarm Clock project. Some pictures turned out good, and some I could never get to look good no matter what I tried. I have been looking all over reading everything that I can find… I got some pointers from the very helpful guys over at photography on the net, I will be trying they tips over the next few days and hopefully I can resolve my image quality problems.

In my web quest for good articles for people like me who would rather build a creative solution than pay for a commercial off the shelf answer I came across this post about 3 Lights Studio for Under $100! I think I will have to give this lighting option some serious consideration. Any good tips and tricks are appreciated, you can leave them in the comments.

“Any one who has worked in photography for a while knows that lighting is more important than the subject, lens and camera (look at Edward Weston’s work). However, if you research studio lighting you will find that it can cost as much or more than your lens and camera.

For years I was perfectly content shooting without lights, until I worked a couple of years at photo studios that were outfitted with the best gear money can buy. After using the equipment at work I was very excited about building up my own studio. But of course I didn’t have thousands or even hundreds to spend after I bought my digital SLR and some good lenses. So I invested a lot of time doing research and experimenting, and I owe lots of what I learned from right here at DIYphotography.net.”

Via: DIY Life


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