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January 11, 2008

Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock – Worlds loudest alarm clock?

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Mod the Clock to have an Alarm Output

The mod didn’t go very well. The plan was to scrape away the solder mask from the trace going from the bottom alarm switch pad and solder a small wire to hijack the negative signal when in alarm. In the below picture you can see the bare copper after the solder mask was removed. Read below to see what happened when I attempted to do this.

For strain relief some hot glue was used to keep the wire from moving. Have a look at the left of the clock assemble, that is one of the adjustment knobs and the black thing is the plastic guide that normally keeps it in place. Everything is so small and delicate… Some crazy glue solved the minor setback.

This is the test circuit in a breadboard for testing.

Initially the plan was to solder the wire to the positive battery connection and the trace that was exposed earlier. That worked fine for about 5 minutes but before I could employ some hot glue strain relief the tiny trace pulled off the board. The only option was to solder the wire to the copper under the alarm contact. Problem with that is that this would physically interfere with the mechanical alarm On/Off switch. The solution was to rip out the On/Off alarm switch. 🙂

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