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January 11, 2008

Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock – Worlds loudest alarm clock?

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Take apart the Clock, see how it works

Taking the clock apart was very simple, a few screws allowed the plastic outer shell to be removed. The actual clock module us held together with some plastic clips. A small flat blade screwdriver makes quick work of them. Be careful when opening the clock module though since the top plastic is used as pivot points for many of the gears that will want to fall out as soon as it is opened and tilted. .

I am not very impressed with the solder job, the oscillator is in desperate need of a bit more solder.

The alarm function is activated mechanically by the clock and closes a physical switch. In the below picture have a look at the contact (it is open in the picture) just above the small green circuit board. When this closes the top negative pole is transfered to the tiny controller via the bottom pad.

The On Off switch is mechanical and slides up and down.

Funny how letter O, upside down it looks like a C. I wonder if they ran out of the correct letter and the C looked close enough…

When the alarm switch is activated this physical tab wedges itself into the alarm contact preventing it from activating.

Closer look at the alarm contact.

The black blob on the circuit board covers the clock controller.

Measuring from the top of the alarm switch to the positive of the battery.

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