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January 11, 2008

Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock – Worlds loudest alarm clock?

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Ever sleep-in because your alarm clock wasn’t loud enough? With this design that is guaranteed not to happen! This hack takes a standard cheap alarm clock, some interface components and a fire alarm bell to get the job done right. Normally these small alarm clocks use a piezo buzzer to attempt to wake you up. The alarm signal is hijacked from the clock circuit board and used as an input to the interface board.

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Have a look at these pages to see how it was built.

Parts needed and interface board schematic. (page 2)

Take apart the clock, see how it works. (page 3)

Take apart the bell. (page 4)

Mod the clock to have an alarm output. (page 5)

Build and install the interface board. (page 6)

Put it all back together. (page 7)

Completed project! (page 8 )

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