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January 3, 2008

Cynergy Labs Project Maestro – Wiimote Fingertip Control

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Cynergy Labs is working on some cool technology! Using the concepts that Johnny Chung Lee introduced as a building block. This system uses the Wiimote as a camera looking at the users fingers to determine what the user wants to do. I can see this technology being built into laptops and other computer system in the near future to be used at an additional input device.

“Maestro brings together Microsoft WPF, third party community libraries and custom built IR gloves to demonstrate next generation human to computer interfaces.”

Via: Hack a Wii



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14 Responses to “Cynergy Labs Project Maestro – Wiimote Fingertip Control”

  1. Shawn Says:

    This reminds me of the virtual internet goggles & gloves that Keanu Reeves uses in the movie Johnny Mnemonic.

  2. Bill Says:

    The link worked for then Alan?

  3. Andres Says:

    isnt this the same as this guy did??

  4. Brincando de Minority Report « Manias de Geek Says:

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  5. Jack Says:

    I’m always thrilled when Cynergy Labs is working on something new. That’s one place I’d LOVE to work!

  6. dirt Says:

    please save the young child i hear in the background

  7. tomcruise Says:

    haha you’re going to start feeling like tom cruise from minority report…

    ok slightly cool, but not really and a waste of money. it deserves to go down the hole…http://www.makefive.com/categories/technology/goods/worst-gadgets-invented-all-time

  8. nathan Says:

    this is pretty cool site , I found it by accident.
    found some good wii hacking book if you are interested.

  9. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Cool looking site you have there. 🙂

  10. Alex Says:

    Wow, that was incredibly painful to watch. It’s a neat technology, but that’s a horrible implementation. 🙁 It’s not so much gesture control as it is an exercise in frustration.. I think I’d be ready to break something if I had to use that for any length of time.

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  13. Rob A Says:

    I did this exactly one day after seeing johnny’s thing about his reflective fingertip control with an IR illuminator. It cost me about $25 in parts from radio shack, and a pair of neoprene scuba gloves (channels in the neoprene act like wiring conduits for concealed wiring). I didn’t add anything like the ‘3-finger-grab’ but I had variable brightnesses that I developed off of Johnny’s work, letting me ‘right-click’ with a single hand, or use two hands like this guy. Way to be original homie, tip one back for everyone else’s work you used to get where you are. Also, perhaps you could use it for a potentially better concept that’s highly dynamic, like 3-d modeling or animation, or even CAD/CAM drafting.

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