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January 2, 2008

Musical Tesla Coil Collection

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Here is a collection of Musical Tesla Coils! We have featured lots of cool Tesla Coils here before, and a few musical ones but there seems to be a new trend to play music with the spark output. The first video is by the guys at The Geek Group, they go over the basics of how it works, there are lots of cool examples of the circuit at work after the jump.




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6 Responses to “Musical Tesla Coil Collection”

  1. coldpudding Says:

    I wonder when we will see these nondirectional electronic discharge sound generators go on store shelves?

  2. Matt Says:

    Wow …its not that hard to modulate a high frequency transformer tesla coil to produce high picth sounds,but i still dont see how it is possible to create low frequency(bassy sounds) ,with the arc,is the bass maybe a result of the secondary coil mechanically oscillating like a SPEAKER ?

  3. andres Says:

    holy crap, thats my coil on the bottom <3 best 50$ spent ever

  4. Martin Grebe Says:

    Just came across these new ‘plasma speaker’ videos on youtube – not teslas but amazing quality !
    Hard to believe how good the low frequency response is & the highs are really crisp.
    I’m 100% certain they’re not fake, as you sometimes see & hear the plasma jumping about.



    Martin – Phoenix AZ

  5. Plasma Tweeter - Audio with no Speaker - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Grebe tipped us about this cool plasma tweeter in the comment section of this article. Timetec did a fantastic job on building this unit! His musical selection isn’t my favorite […]

  6. Alex Says:

    This stuff is amazing!

    I have one question : How come it is possible to have multiple frequencies on the “musical arc” to form sounds like you hear them on a radio, where the tesla coil only supports one frequency at a time?

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