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January 31, 2008

DIY – High End Flash Slave

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Hello All, I have been battling this cold and flu stuff and loosing.


Here is a pretty cool article on how to build a high-end flash sync.  Most non-powered flash syncs only work up to around 100 feet and are only sensitive to infrared light.  The designer of  this unit is a cave explorer and has put together a pretty impressive design.

The photo diode used in this unit is sensitive to both visible light and infrared.  As a result this unit can be used underwater.

The site owner still sells PCB boards and kits, and offers a commercial version called the firefly.

Nice documented site.






PIC Tengu – 18F2455 Microcontroller

at 5:27 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


This PIC Tengu by jfmateos is based on the 18F2455 Microcontroller is based on the Tengu that was made by Crispin Jones. It looks like lots of fun, this is a very ambishious project but the results are great. Thanks to jfmateos for the great detailed English details are shown below.


"When I first saw the cloned Tengu developed by Alex, I thought it was a proper project for learning the use of PIC microcontrollers´ specific functions like A/D converters, interrupts and timers. After studying the features of the original Tengu developed by Crispin Jones, I started to specify the requirements of my own clone. I decided to include a basic game intended to transform it into a personalized birthday gift; my sister´s birthday was near. Its usage is very easy. After connecting PIC-Tengu to a USB port, it will switch on in a sleep state. Blowing on its face he will wake up. Then PIC-Tengu yawns and, if and only if it is the first time we use it, it will start the candles game. The aim of this game is to blow out the candles one by one, so it can become quite boring if the person being honoured is over a certain age, although less painful than pulling his/her ears. Fortunately, my sister is only 25 years old.

A personalized scrolling message appears when the game is over. Next, PIC-Tengu starts to imitate every noise it hears. There are four sets of faces available: aquiline-nose, snub-nose, no-nose and Luciano. The active set of faces changes blowing or with a strong noise. Pic-Tengu´s Auditive acuteness is configurable through the back potentiometer. Pressing this button toggles between the imitate mode and the scrolling message mode. If we keep the button pressed more than 2 seconds, PIC-Tengu will reset, recovering the same state as if it had never been used before; this implies that the candle games will appear again after awakening it. Last, if there is no activity in the imitate mode for more than 5 minutes, PIC-Tengu will fall slept.

The brain of this project is a PIC18F2455, whose pins directly activate the LEDs matrix´s rows. There is only one LED column active at any given instant, also determined by the PIC18F2455´s pins, but this time using an intermediary ULN2803. The signal captured by the microphone is amplified using an LM358 before reaching an analog input in the PIC. The firmware is written in CCS C, and the PIC has been burned using the parallel port version of GTP Lite and WinPIC800. Electronic schematic, PCB artwork, source code and compiled firmware are available for download in www.villatic.org/carpetaJuanfe/pictengu.rar.

Any further information will be published in www.todopic.com.ar/foros forum."


January 30, 2008

Light Fires with a Flashlight – Worlds most Powerful

at 12:05 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks, What Were They Thinking


If you are looking for something to take with you on your next wilderness trip you should consider swapping out your normal flashlight with the Worlds most Powerful Flashlight. The guys over at Wicked Lasers have done it again, they still produce some fantastic lasers but now they also make the coolest flashlight around. Need to cook an egg? No problem. Light a campfire? That is simple too. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you put it into your backpack. 🙂

Thanks Steve!






Wii Hacked – Full Access to Hardware

at 5:12 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Crazy Hacks, Game Hacks


Looks like very soon we will be seeing some new games available for the Nintendo Wii. I have a strong feeling that these games will not only be very good but will also be totally free! Michael Steil and Felix Domke demonstrated their success in hacking into the Wii memory at 24C3 in Berlin to retrieve the encryption keys needed to compromise the system! Watch the video to the end, you will see the raw Wiimote data being displayed on the console. This may seem trivial since we have seen so many hacks interfacing the Wiimote to computers, but this is the first required step in using the actual console for purposes other than playing store bought games!

On a side note our latest advertiser, Sponge Fish, is running a cool Genius Hack Challenge contest, and the first place prize is a Nintendo Wii. You might want to enter so that you can have a console ready for the homebrew games that are probably just around the corner…

Thanks for the tip Amy

January 29, 2008

Wire a NES Controller to a Computer to play NES Emulator Games in Style

at 5:15 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Game Hacks

Hacked Gadgets Forum member Turd wanted to go all out to play NES emulator games. Instead of just playing the old NES games on a PC using a keyboard or modern joystick why not wire in one of the original NES joysticks and play the games like they were meant to be enjoyed! He wired the joystick into the parallel port and wrote some custom interface software using Free Basic. Have a look at his wiring diagram after the jump.

Go to his article for the code download



January 28, 2008

Nightclub LED Lighting System

at 5:14 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment

 Have a look at this cool Nightclub LED Lighting System. If I owned a nightclub this system would be one of the first enhancements that would be added. The company has done quite a few 3D models of their designs which provide a great idea of what the end result will look like. I would be interested in knowing what type of RGB LED element they use and how they get the color to fill the globe as evenly as they do.



January 27, 2008

First Stun Gun was a Glove

at 5:11 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Digg

Shaking hands with this glove could be a shocking experience! Looks like the stun guns we see today had some interesting beginnings.

"MORE punch than can be found in a box-glove is contained in a new electric glove invented by Cirilo Diaz of Cuba for use by police while handling rough characters or in quelling riots. Persons contacted by an officer wearing the glove receive a 1,500-volt shock, sufficient to remove all traces of fight. A half-pound battery worn on the belt supplies the power, all wiring being concealed beneath the coat."

Via: Digg


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