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December 31, 2007

Solar Picaxe Pool Fountain

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If you have a pool why not spend the winter months building something to enjoy in the warmer months? Have a look at this pool project for some inspiration.

“This is a solar powered microcontroller driven pool fountain. It was designed to provide an entertaining, pleasant visual and audible water effect in a cordless low-maintenance device.


The basic hardware design has the following features:

– Low-voltage battery powered
– Solar charged (normally)
– Battery voltage sensing
– LED status indicator
– User controllable
– Dual ported water pump
– Weatherproof
– Waterproof
– Self-contained”


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5 Responses to “Solar Picaxe Pool Fountain”

  1. Neil Says:

    Neat idea. Now all I need is a pool…hmmm.

    I wonder if it would be feasible to hook a filter up to it as well so it can do dual purpose? Or maybe make it float on a small raft…hmmm.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    I like the raft idea… I am in the same situation though (no pool to play with). 🙁

  3. mrmeval Says:

    Now you need to stick it in a naked Homer statue and have it pee in the pool. Having it add varying shades of yellow food coloring would be trippy.

  4. pool fountain Says:

    […] technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists.http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/12/31/solar-picaxe-pool-fountain/trackback/Consider your water options – The Gazette MontrealOn the rocks sits a sculptural feature, like an […]

  5. Beau Says:

    Hello.. I am building a rock pond for some friends, and would like to make something like this to push water over rocks.. How do I build one?

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