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December 27, 2007

Cook Hot Dogs with Electricity

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Looks like the University of Alaska Fairbanks has grouped the engineering and culinary arts programs together. 🙂

“How does an electrical engineer cook a hot dog? 1.5 A for 60 seconds!

Taken at the E-Week open house put on by the engineering departments at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.”



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9 Responses to “Cook Hot Dogs with Electricity”

  1. Tom R Says:

    I did the same thing for my 6th grade science project. Lamp cord connected to two nails driven through a wood 2×4, hot dog between the nails. The teacher freaked when she walked by just as I plugged it in and the hot dog split and smoked. Not very safe but then again they let us play with mercury at our desks.

  2. Todd Henkel Says:

    YUCK! This brings me back to the 70’s when my Dad brought home an electric hot dog cooker. It smelled like electrocuted burning flesh (not that I have now want to actually smell that) and had a metallic taste. I need to run out now and get a real Chicago hot dog to get the memories of that taste out. Thanks so much.

  3. bla Says:

    kind of gross. I prefer the glowing pickle

  4. Alexander Says:

    Try a big peice of aluminum foil between two of those electrodes. Shower of sparks.

  5. Bob Funk Says:

    Boy this brings back memories. We even wired up a 4 hot dog cooker.
    There was a commercial version of this made. You would impale the hot dogs on prongs and then close a plastic cover to cook. Well the covers broke easily so people would rip them off and activate the switch with a fork. Of course electrocutions and burns soon followed.

  6. gert Says:

    I’d first consult a chemist before eating anything cooked that way. Look for “electrolysis” to get what I mean.

  7. kiwitv Says:

    wouldn’t this leave the ends cold? think id rather buy a hotdog than cook one this way

  8. Neil Says:

    I don’t need a hot dog that fast. Boiling water is quick enough for me.

  9. Cozinhar cachorros quentes com electricidade | TugaTronica Says:

    […] Retirado de HackedGadgets […]

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