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December 21, 2007

Phone Line Relay Controller

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Have you ever wanted to remotely turn on or off something in your house when you weren’t home? This time of year the Christmas lights come to mind. What if you could call your house, type a few keys on your phone and turn on those lights! With this Phone Line Relay Controller project that is exactly what you can do.
"The administrator should call-in the device from another telephone. After a few (configurable amount of) rings, the controller will pick-up the line and answer with a beep. After the beep the administrator must enter 4-digit password onto the keypad of his phone (DTMF). This must be done in 6 seconds. If the password is not entered in 6 seconds or wrong password has been entered, the device will beep and hang up."


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14 Responses to “Phone Line Relay Controller”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Yeah, but… no voice mail…

  2. Dave Says:

    How about this one? http://www.vellemanusa.com/us/enu/product/view/?id=350511#
    And it’s cheap too..

  3. elektronika Says:

    What’s the idea, to ring the phone and that’s it? Not cool.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Dave,

    That’s a strange device. 🙂 Couldn’t see a price, how much is it?

  5. Neil Says:

    Who has a land line these days?

  6. elektronika Says:

    Than I think this one is for you: http://elektronika.ba/projekti/?akc=daj_projekt&idprojekt=6

  7. inedible Says:

    I second the sentiment that this has been useless for the last 10 years… I don’t know a single person with a landline… I work at a call center and there’s not a single real landline there either, it’s all routed through VOIP.

    I installed openwrt on my wireless router for this kind of thing.. mine just sends a wake-on-lan packet when I send a text message with a code to my gmail account, but you could rig a relay to the GPIO lines or through some kind of serial interface if you need to switch heavy current.

    This sort of thing really fascinates me, I love affecting meatspace through convoluted electronic means… like my first electronic deadbolt project, where I didn’t know they sell premade locks that fit into doors… I ended up using a rube-goldberg-string-and-pulley system to unlock it, with motors hooked up to an infrared sensor under the door.

  8. yo Says:

    A new version with 6 relays: http://www.elektronika.ba/projekti/?akc=daj_projekt&idprojekt=11

  9. elektronika Says:

    This device was built by an order. Not because I had some spare time…

  10. John Says:

    Who has landlines? People who choose to live outside of cities, that’s who. 😛

  11. elektronika Says:

    New URL for this project is: http://www.elektronika.ba/507/phoneline-controller-v1/

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks elektronika,

    The link has been updated.

  13. aiman Says:

    i need the programe for the phnoe line relay controller…i need it for my postgraduate project…pleeasseeee….

  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Aiman,

    There is a link in the article.

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