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December 15, 2007

iPhone GPS Module Hack

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Will O’Brien over at Hack a Day posted this cool iPhone Hack. The guys over at The Part Foundry have made a device that allows you to use GPS with your iPhone.

“The iphone GPS module allows jail broken iphones to finally have GPS functionality. This module is in development and will be shipping in February. All software is open source and more applications are being written every day. This module gives you the ability to explore all the benefits that GPS on a platform that is small enough to put on a keychain. Plans are already underway for a stylish plastic enclosure as well.”

Via: Hack a Day



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5 Responses to “iPhone GPS Module Hack”

  1. sikanrong Says:

    HEY!!! ***** SCORE ONE FOR THE OPENSOURCE IPHONE TEAM!! No kidding guys – the first I read about the commercial tomtom iPhone gps was actually yesterday – and here you guys are ready to ship in february!! Dude, AWESOME – screw the commercial developers!!


  2. Neil Says:

    I don’t know much about the Iphone but would there be a way to just use a bluetooth GPS instead?

  3. DIY iPhone GPS module- by Gadget, shop online blog of TechChee.com Says:

    […] via [HackedGadgets] […]



    Thats cool. Could never afford an iPhone (nor do I really want one…) but thats really cool.

    Never was into the whole “hardware hacking” thing…

    once again, cool.

  5. Devi Thailand Says:

    if i need to buy that.
    how many?

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