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December 12, 2007

Automatic Deadbolt System – Phidget RFID Reader

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Trossen Robotics puts together some cool contests! This Automatic Deadbolt System was the second prize winner in the latest contest. I could just imagine how it could be used, hold on I will unlock the door for you, darn I don’t have a good signal with my cell phone, hold on I will walk over to the door and manually turn the knob to let you in. 🙂
Thanks to Dave (fish123456) for creating this cool invention.
"I was inspired to do this project when I saw some of the other uses that an RFID passive reader has been used for. I noticed that many people have created a system whereby they install a reader on the outside of their front door and use an RFID tag to unlock it, and let themselves in. I wanted even more control over my front door, so I added the ability to remotely lock/unlock the door from any computer with internet access, or as is shown in the video, a cell phone. Now I can control access to my house from anywhere. In addition, I found that the RFID key fob I used would charge even on the other side of the door and transmit back to the reader through the door. Now I don’t have to worry about mounting something on the outside of my door, which makes it that less "interesting" for would be thieves or passerbys (and makes it much less aggravating for my land lord! ) Thanks for running these contests, they are a great way to expo projects. Equipment Used: * Phidget RFID Kit (http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store…t-EM4102-.aspx) * Kwikset Powerbolt 1000 (got it on e-bay for $65) * A couple relays, a pc board, and some wire * Laptop * Cell phone (not necessary, but fun) Software: * Visual Studio .NET 2005 * C# * Phidget RFID API * IIS on Windows Vista"



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16 Responses to “Automatic Deadbolt System – Phidget RFID Reader”

  1. Patrick Says:

    You think the source code for this is available somewhere?

    I love looking at the source code for projects like this.


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  4. Mike Says:

    This is killer. I love it! Nice job.

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  7. Neil Carlson Says:

    Wow. Now if you can figure out how to do that without that USB cord that would amazing.

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  10. Bradley Says:

    That is the greatest idea ever.

  11. Dave Says:

    Hi all, I am the one who did the project. I searched google for “youtube rfid door” to find my video really quickly and discovered this posting! I didn’t know anyone was really looking at this outside of the Trossen robotics site. To answer Patrick’s question, I have the code, but it’s not really in a “finalized” state to send out. I would have to comment it better before offering it up. It’s by no means complicated, either. It’s written in C# and uses the Phidgets .NET API to control the 5v outputs. If I ever get around to releasing source, it will be on that site, so check back there from time to time!

  12. Peter Hammerstone Says:


  13. Joshua Says:

    I think you could run the phidget 8/8/8 using a Zigbee wireless mesh network which would interface the lock, and any other phidget, into a home automation network through RF instead of the USB cable. just a thought, wish I had time to try it.

  14. Dave Says:

    Joshua, yeah, I thought about Zigbee and some cheaper RF components. I’ve done nothing else with this since the original project. I bought an Arduino and have been messing around with that. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s just too pricey for hobbyist stuff (for me at least).

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  16. John Says:

    I would be more impressed if it was by bluetooth pairing with the cell phone such that it would unlock when you were within a certain distance. Inputting a pin while holding groceries could be troublesome. Another interesting hack would be voice recognition via the cell phone.

    Note they actually sell bluetooth relay activators that can be used to unlock doors as you approach.

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