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December 11, 2007

Is this real or What?

at 10:14 am. Filed under Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking

Has anyone seen this Think Geek ad? I am not sure if this is a gag or not?

Think Geek Ad

This device claims to have a 300 foot range and has 15 amp plugs on it.
The ad does not indicate power ratings and does not provide any other technical data other than they have tested it at 300 feet (sounds fishy to me)

Scientists are currently working on being able to charge portable devices powering laptops with a range of around 16 feet.

BBC News Link

Also I am sure most of you have heard about the MIT experiment.

Wireless energy could power consumer, industrial electronics

In the article they state:

“But the team calculates that an object the size of a laptop could be recharged within a few meters of the power source. ”

And on top of this Think Geek is only charging $34.99 for this device.

Could this be a gag gift? Have any of our readers purchased this device? If so
Could you provide us with feedback?

This really looks like a gag to me!!