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December 11, 2007

Business Card Phone Dialer

at 7:25 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks

"Here are two experimental "extreme" business cards that are almost impossible for someone to throw away – one in the form of a key ring torch and one card that actually dials me up by itself! This one has a computer inside with more processing power than took the first astronauts to the moon (No, I’m not kidding!), yet the main part costs less than 50 cents. …Even if these ideas don’t grab you, maybe they’ll fire your imagination to think how you could make a truly unique card that uses your skills and tells people how creative you are."
Not a beginners project, but this Instructables business card will definitely make an impression.


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7 Responses to “Business Card Phone Dialer”

  1. Business Card Phone Dialer · Business Card Information and Deals Says:

    […] Original post by Tony Nunn […]

  2. richard sum Says:

    This would work as a home security dialer in a alarm system.

  3. kevin Says:

    Just to say I like having these new writers, It appears that we have more frequent updates… Thanks guys.

  4. Neil Carlson Says:

    Cool idea. Now I wonder if this can be made into another practical application.

  5. Bill Says:

    On a document dated 22/04/2002 I have: “On pressing the CALL button, the Novelty Business Card would emit the DTMF (touch tone) tones for telephoning the company. Holding the card near the mouthpiece of a telephone would enable the customer to contact a company without having to read and dial the number.”

    Oh well, beaten to the punch again!!!

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Fantastic! Is no one selling these as an actual product? It is such a good idea I can’t believe no one is producing them…

    Hey Bill, What document are you quoting from?

  7. Bill Says:

    It was a proposal I made to a colleague, for a new product. We were making professional audio equipment at the time, so we agreed shelve it!

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