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December 9, 2007

Oscilloscope Star Wars Arcade Machine

at 5:20 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Cool Gadgets, Game Hacks

Seems like almost anything can be done with a oscilloscope and some determination!

Video after the jump.

“Star Wars on mame, hacked to render on an oscilloscope driven from the sound card. The dots in the corners of the image compensate for any DC offset, to stop it drifting around the screen.”

Via: TechEBlog



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One Response to “Oscilloscope Star Wars Arcade Machine”

  1. Fly an X-Wing on an Oscilloscope | Way of the Geek Says:

    […] enterprising geek has found a way to hack MAME, the famous arcade machine emulator, to run Atari’s 1983 Star Wars vector game […]

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