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December 8, 2007

OnTime Alarm Clock

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Tim from Imagitronics has created a cool alarm clock that was just a concept till he spent a few dollars on some parts and created it.

“Several months ago, I stumbled across an interesting article on halfbakery.com about the possibility of an alarm clock in which the alarm only sounds when the user is actually lying in bed. The idea peaked my interest a bit. Last week I decided to build just such an alarm. I picked up a cheap ($7) alarm clock and got right to work. The project essentially uses the internal mat from a Dell SK-8135 keyboard, a simple transistor-based NOT gate, a 4066 quad bilateral switch, a handful of resistors, and a current-smoothing capacitor.”


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4 Responses to “OnTime Alarm Clock”

  1. Neil Says:

    Very interesting idea. I would hate an alarm clock like that though because then it would be so hard to sleep in. Its either that or I would just sleep on the floor.

  2. Hello Moto Says:

    A great idea. I often turn off my alarm thinking I will get out of bed in a minute or two, but then I can end up sleeping longer then I plan. This would make the alarm clock effective to just use the ‘snooze’ button and maybe a ‘reset’ right before you get back into bed. No more turning the alarm on and off, or snooze.

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    What I hate is I often snooze the alarm, then get out of bed before it turns on again (forgetting to turn off the alarm). I need to make another trip into the bedroom just to turn the darn thing off. This would allow the clock to detect that you have left!

  4. OTC Eczema Says:

    I’m afraid this would do me no good. If my alarm doesn’t shut up after the first few beeps it usually ends up smashed against the wall. Yikes!

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