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December 5, 2007

Diamond Thermal Grease

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You read the title right, you can make thermal grease using diamonds. Have a look at this Diamond Thermal Grease article that demonstrates how to do it. I would have thought the diamonds would have been very expensive but apparently you can buy 25 Carats of diamond dust for about $30.00 on Ebay. Of course if money is no object you can make your own diamond dust. Destroying a diamond is not easy but it can be done.

“Anybody who is a true computer hardware enthusiast these days knows that keeping your CPU from overheating while pushing it to its limits is one of the most important concerns. Thermal compounds like Arctic Silver are the front line of that defense, conducting the heat directly from the CPU to the heat sink. Without the compound, small imperfections in the surface of the heat sink can render the heat sink almost useless and lesser compounds can actually insulate your processor. Thermal compounds that are available for purchase have remained unchanged for some time. The most popular type of thermal compound has silver suspended in silicone grease. Research has been done by overclockers.com demonstrating a far superior type of thermal compound using diamond. Silver has a respectable thermal conductivity at: 429W/m K. Diamond on the other hand has a thermal conductivity of 900-2320 W/m K. So worst case scenario we double performance, and best case is roughly a 5x multiplier.”

Thanks Tom.