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December 3, 2007

Remote Controlled Camera from a Cellphone

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Wow what a hack! SMS your hacked cell phone and it will take a picture and send it back to you! Have a look at the details of this Remote Controlled Camera from a Cellphone that uses a Picaxe microcontroller. I would dare anyone to try to take this onto a plane. I am sure the conversation would include “Honestly it is just a remote camera that looks like a bomb”.

“The idea is to replace your fingers with the relays and your brain with a microcontroller. Depending on how complex your phone is, i.e. number of different keys to press in order to send a picture, choose your microcontroller accordingly.

My setup uses four outputs (four different keys on the phone) and one input on the microcontroller. It allows me to send a SMS text message (or call) to my hacked phone and it then cycles through the code, clicking its way through the menus, taking photos and returning them to me.

I was optimistic about the joystick and quickly soldered up the wires. The joystick has up, down, left, right and center as possible connections. I had to crack open another joystick to figure out the connections. “Making a “right” or “left” requires many different pins to be connected in a certain manner and order”

Thanks Bard.



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3 Responses to “Remote Controlled Camera from a Cellphone”

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  3. George Says:


    looks like a bomb! lol

    If you put this anywhere in public, you’d get arrested in no time. :]

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