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November 30, 2007

Video Circuit Bending

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In most cases when you hear about circuit bending it refers to bending of the audio signal of various hardware devices.

I ran across this web site that deals with the bending of video devices.

This web site is packed full of stuff. The author displays sequential images of bending a device and provides video links of bent output.

When possible he provides links to manufacture documentation and schematics.

In some cases he even walks you through the bending process.

Follow the blue links. There are tons of links buried on this web site.

What a treasure of video stuff!

Video Circuit Bending


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2 Responses to “Video Circuit Bending”

  1. mcphatty Says:

    cool tricks, but what exactly is the purpose of this?

  2. Joe Pitz Says:

    Check out this link on wikipedia



    Joe Pitz

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