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November 29, 2007

Incredible Security Hacks

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Max Cornelisse from the Netherlands has done some incredible hacks. He is a 24 year old science grad who likes to poke fun at how insecure some systems are. I guess they could be staged but most of them look very real. Let me know what you think… Anyone able to translate what is going on in the train video?

Thanks to Rutger B. for sending in this translation.
“We are stuck in traffic. Of course, didn’t expect anything else. But uhm, since that last time I try to avoid the train. ( trains are a tad unreliable in the Netherlands ). I have here a live connection to the ANWB ( Dutch traffic org.) That is over an ‘open channel’ And with that I can influence the traffic signs. They are set to 50, but we never reach 50, so i`m going to make it 5 (kilometers an hour ). People wont like that. So to make them happy, a smily if that doesn’t cheer them up…

We got out of the car and we are standing at the highway. Here we spotted some matrix signs
I can put more text on these. yeah yeah yeah, here it comes, here it comes I think I earned some credits and we are going to do so as follows:
“Max is king”
“Big traffic jam, Go home!!!!”
It would be awesome if I got my picture on there. Thats me. is it there? is it there?”




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22 Responses to “Incredible Security Hacks”

  1. Brian Says:

    You might want to run his web site through a translation service.

    These videos are meant as jokes to call attention to IT security.

  2. Remy Says:

    there all just fake, he told it on national tv just yesterday. but a great way to promote I.T. studies.

  3. johnny5 Says:

    I’m from holland 🙂

    In the train video, he changes the platform on which the train leaves. later on he asks the big guy in the suit where he’s going, and makes the speakers say the trains new end destination… which is the same as what that guy said.

    I’d think they’re fake as well, since I’ve never heard anything on the news… but still the video’s look pretty real. Would sure be a lot of work to fake the images and sounds. I suppose it’s easier to be a good hacker than to be a good video editor.

  4. MIKY Says:

    that is cool but they are stupid if you ask me what they are thinking
    to post video with their face not covered if someonefrom aftorety will
    see this they will be in big trable

  5. bvk007 Says:

    The video on which he ask’s the guy where’s he going to and Max changes the speaker system to alicante and also the sign changes to alicante, well that the sign changes it’s definitely not possible since the sign is predefined with whereabouts.

  6. Henkie Says:

    They are all staged, he says so on his website(in dutch).
    The movies are part of a campaign of InfoSupport(Max’s employer) to get Computer Science students to do their graduation assignment at InfoSupport.

  7. Henkie Says:

    You missed the best one:

  8. vormkrijger Says:

    he pips

    these are NOT real !!!
    there all adverts for a IT company ….
    but the are brilliant !!

  9. Brian Says:

    Johnny5 – Presuming you speak Dutch, am I right that the guy’s web page pretty much says these are fake? http://www.infosupport.nl/Max

    “Ik vind het leuk om mensen in de maling te nemen.” I believe this should translate to something like “I like to pull peoples’ legs.” — Meaning that he doesn’t expect his videos to be taken seriously.

  10. vormkrijger Says:

    yes i am from Belgium -> dutch

    he says that a likes to pull pranks … but that is just the story behind the advert strategy
    works great .. funny video’s get posted on lots of sites for free :p:)

  11. johnny5 Says:


    I’m sure you’re right. I just never read his site. My words were solly based upon the movies posted here.
    But indeed, they are fake I know now.

  12. Andreas Says:

    these are all just ‘commercials’

    i like them:P

  13. Bastiaan Says:

    JUST BRILLIANT I am from the Netherlands and in advertising, great to see that there are still brilliant advertiser out there! Take it from me these “commercials” pulled alot of legs in the Netherlands, the guy in the video and the makers of this video should get an Oscar for this!

  14. Jeroen Says:

    100 % Fake yesterday they where at a talkshow in the netherlands (Jensen!) and they told it was all fake.

  15. Dave Says:

    Hey Alan,

    I gave you advise on those skimmer ads on your forum.. Don’t post messages like these. The first movie is clearly fake, you can see a black “square” over the “0” in “50”. Posts like these will bore the real HG fans. Stay to point and post real, interesting and _HQ_ (!!!) posts.. It’s what seperates HG from other sites!

  16. Shadyman Says:

    Many giant mobile character-based warning LCDs that they put along the side of the roads can be controlled via either IrDA or a standard PS/2 connection on the control box under the sign.

    The signs I’m talking about are like the billboard sign in the first video, but mobile on a trailer that they park on the side of the road.

  17. Jensemann Says:

    Even if it is fake it is very inspiring. See it as a challenge.

  18. kokonut Says:

    Only 1 word: FAKE

  19. meneame.net Says:

    Esto es hackear, no lo de pillar contraseñas del messenger…

    Descubro vía Hacked Gadgets un vídeo increíble colgado en youtube. Un chaval con un portátil controlando los letreros de tráfico de la autopista, limitadores de velocidad… los cambia y les pone smiles, en fin, ¡¡sin palabras!!…

  20. Thick and creamy » Blog Archive » is this real? Says:

    […] http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/11/29/incredible-security-hacks/#more-1254 […]

  21. h0tstick Says:

    Gran habilidad la de este chaval! 😀
    Ya me gustaria saber manejarme con el movil o el portatil como se maneja este guaperas! 😀

  22. olecom Says:

    Ideas are quite real, like scripts for script-kiddies.

    Needless to say, that all problems are not technical any more, they are cultural and economical.

    Now think about NATO security program against North Korean and Iran in Polan and Czech Republic.
    Is’t it over stupid already? Not saying about false flag 9/11 to brainwash dumb consumers.

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