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November 17, 2007

Fire Wire – Burning Steel Wool

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Fire Wire is a way to put on a simple but cool fire display. All you need to do is tie some steel wool to the end of some wire using a slip knot. Then using a lighter light the steel wool. Spinning the burning steel wool produces an impressive (and possibly dangerous) shower of burning metal particles.




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5 Responses to “Fire Wire – Burning Steel Wool”

  1. Jesse Says:

    This is really smart thing to do ey?
    I’ve been aware that steel wool can burn for quite awhile.
    Never seen someone put on a show like that.

    I’d wonder if there’s really a use for this beyond entertainment…

  2. kevin Says:

    love that song. . So we did this in our church parking lot. But we took it one step further and attached the steel wool to the end of an arrow and fired it in to the air, that was pretty sick

  3. Arvid Says:

    That’s old! 🙂
    used to make fireart films with among other things steel wool… and btw, every little spark is about 800 degrees celcius….
    here are two films with steel wool in them for those interested…


  4. Arvid Says:

    guess embeded urls doesn’t work in the comments.. 🙂
    here are the urls:





  5. Joseph King Says:

    Here is the liink to the link to what I have done with firewire,hope you guys like it.

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