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November 14, 2007

Foldable Displays and Auto Projection Calibration

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Johnny Lee a Ph.D. student from Carnegie Mellon Univerisity is working on some interesting projects. Looks like these prototype Foldable Displays are quite advanced. I can think of so many applications for these displays. The second video demonstrates an prototype automatic projector calibration system that is fast and accurate.

“Using infrared tracking and projection, we can simulate displays on flexible and foldable surfaces. This allows us to fit a large display into our pockets.”



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7 Responses to “Foldable Displays and Auto Projection Calibration”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Very cool, now we just need global/regional storage, lots of wifi…. and several projectors in ever room of every building everywhere….

  2. ME! Says:

    Not really “displays” per-se.
    more like projected images.
    but I like it.

  3. Elbarfo Says:

    I dont see the point of a folding projector screen. It’s silly, in fact, compared to the flexible LCD panels that have already been developed. Something tells me this guy started development on a project that had been outshined long before he was finished.

  4. TinMan Says:

    I see lots of applications here. But none, that profit from the foldabe feature of the surface, as you always need the projector somwhere on you.

    Demo-rooms for new products or as product-developent or customizing environment. A white claymodel of the new product is in the middle of the room, the customer may even have “virtual” documents with changeable parameters of the featured product.

    This is actually a step in the direction of a holodeck, sure, you still need the model, but the surface can be entirely virtual.

  5. Dog Says:

    People are missing the point here. They’re just studying ergonomics of future foldable displays. Since the technology for such displays is not here yet, they’re using the auto projection on to sheets of foam/paper/umbrellas to simulate the future.

    The auto projection is really cool though, and is something new I believe.

  6. Michael Gonzo Says:

    This was amazing! Quite an interesting set of possibilities opened up by this technique, and I look forward to seeing it developed. While not completely useful for personal use, the implementation in meeting rooms and classrooms is something I will enjoy watching.

  7. » Interview with Johnny Lee - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Your display technology that you worked on as your Thesis Project has been featured on Hacked Gadgets in the past. What made you choose this technology as your Thesis […]

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