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November 10, 2007

IR Detector Circuit

at 5:16 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Carlos demonstrates how to build a simple IR detector. Looks like it could be done for a dollar or two.

“An IR signal is “seen” by a reverse biased IR diode which produced an electrical signal according to the light intensity. This signal is then amplified trough a transistor and used to power an ordinary LED. This means that the LED will light up when the IR diodes receives some IR light (from a TV remote for instance).”


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17 Responses to “IR Detector Circuit”

  1. EoPrime Says:

    Nice, thx for this simple circuit.

  2. » IR Detector Circuit - My Gadget Pro Says:

    […] Original post by Alan Parekh […]

  3. tmasman Says:

    Finally, I way to find out if it’s a rogue TV or a TV-B-Gone being used to kill it…
    I’ll get you pranksters yet!!! (haha)

  4. crypto Says:

    how about this … use your cell phone camera to detect IR

  5. IR Detector Circuit - The Tech Blog Says:

    […] post by Alan Parekh Written by admin on November 10th, 2007 with no comments. Read more articles on […]

  6. abbasi Says:

    electronic circuit for amplifire infrared reciver

  7. James Odhiambo Owino Says:

    wanted a schematic diagram of a cellphone detector which can detect mobile phones even at the standby mode

  8. arun Says:

    how to detect spy infrared camera in room.please send simple detector circuit diagram

  9. arun george Says:

    how to detect spy infrared camera in a room.please send simple circuit diagram

  10. max122 Says:

    i just want to know if there is a way to enhance the range of reception

  11. Amruth Says:

    Hi very nice circuit, can u also teach me how to make a IR transmitter circuit so that i can combine these 2 to make a IR proximity detector.

  12. Sambo Says:

    Hi Can you tell me what purpose the 1K resistor serves?
    I used weak 9V ( about 7.3V) battery and ended up yanking the 1K out while using 240 instead of 100 ohm limiter.
    I must say I had no luck with the blue emiter as detector from the Circuit city combo package, had to use the detector.
    I guess I should have tried it with the detector I already had from 15-20 years ago from Radioshack first.
    Now off to hook up that CD laser diode, visible or not, curious what the range will be with that, instead of dome shaped ir emiters.

  13. Muhammad Salam Khan Says:

    May i know which diode was used in this circuit ? ? ? Please tell me exact name e.g. 1N4001

  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    It is either a 1N4001 or a 1N4007

  15. Muhammad Salam Khan Says:

    1N4001 & 1N4007 none of these is an IR diode. I am asking about the IR diode which was used in the above circuit.

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Sorry I was confusing articles. Carlos used one from an old TV set.

    It should be similar to this one though.

  17. noman butt Says:

    sir what is its range and how range can be increased?
    guide me thanks

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