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November 9, 2007

Name the Thing Contest – 27

at 11:38 pm. Filed under Contests

Congratulation to the last contest winner.

I have got lots of good feedback for this flashlight, hope the winner enjoys it. 🙂

This contest will run for this weekend only (November 10- 11, 2007) . Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, identify the item pictured above and give an example of what can be done with it. Please do not give the answer in the comments.


Send an email to contest @ hackedgadgets.com with “Name the Thing Contest” as the subject, and the message body consisting of:
* The name of the item in the above picture
* An example of what the item pictured above can be used for

The winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.

Added November 14, 2007

The item to guess was a Knife Switch (close to the bottom of the page), Congratulation to the people who guessed it correctly.

The winner is Justin H.

Thanks to all who entered.

Below is a pictures of the prize.


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17 Responses to “Name the Thing Contest – 27”

  1. Phyreblade Says:

    Calculated guess. An old fashioned high voltage dual *** *** ***.

  2. Craig Says:

    Don’t people read anymore?

  3. Eric Says:

    Eh, I think Alan should start disabling comments on the Name the Thing contests until after it is over.

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Phyreblade,

    Thanks for the guess, but please email it in.

  5. phyreblade Says:

    Sorry Alan,

    Many apologies all. All I saw the “Name the Thing contest”, and a picture. Once my brain started ruminating on the “Thing” in question, everything else kinda looked like wah, wah, wah,… wah wah wah wah… wah wah. LOL

    My bad…

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    No problem. 🙂 Thanks for participating.

  7. Jerb Says:

    Hey there, thats a really cool prize your giving away… are there any more details about it?
    it looks very similar to a flashlight made by fenix called the L1, which iirc was a 1 watt luxeon (though the new revisions may make use of a 3 watt cree emitter, I don’t know). is there any information on this one? is it 1 watt or 3? water resistance? glass or plastic optics’s? The fenix was powered by a single AA cell, I assume from the size that this one is the same?

    Either way this is pretty cool, thanks for the chance to enter

  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Jerb,

    It is a 1 watt unit and it uses a single AA battery.

  9. Dale_D Says:

    A really cool prize! How about a link for where the rest of us can find one to buy?

  10. Kevin Says:

    you can find it on ebay, and yes this prize is really cool :p (i have one)

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  12. Dale_D Says:

    Thanks Kevin, but that’s absolutely no help to me. Who makes it? Besides, I don’t use eBay. Twice I have had serious security problems with them, most recently my account was used to bid on a whole bunch of home theater speaker setups totaling about $18,000, and I have since terminated my account (and all dealings) with them, and about 1 year earlier with PayPal (who is owned by eBay). Where else can I find it?

  13. Name the Thing Contest - 27 - The Tech Blog Says:

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  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Winner announced.

  15. Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog » Blog Archive » Name the Thing Contest - 28 Says:

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  16. Pete Costello Says:

    A high voltage DPDT dual pole dual throw knife switch that is
    wired to switch wires. Perhaps DC polarity or AC phase.

  17. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Pete,

    This is an old contest, please see the italic text for the contest answer update. Also for currently running contests you need to send in your guess by email so that no one else can see your guess. The email address is also in the contest body.

    If you are interested in participating in the current contest please click on the contest category in the upper left column of the site to see the current one. Good luck!

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