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November 7, 2007

Write for Hacked Gadgets

at 11:12 pm. Filed under Other

Interested in Tech? Do you stumble across fantastic hacked creations and need a place to show off your cool finds? Why not write for Hacked Gadgets! If you think you are up for the challenge please click the Contact Us link in upper left. Please provide a sample of your work and why you would make a great Hacked Gadgets writer. If you are curious of the readership of this site have a look at some stats here.

Here are a few things that would be an asset (in no particular order):
* Passion for hacking things or a love of hacked stuff
* Time to write one to five articles per week
* Have interesting ideas for future contests
* Electronic background would be helpful (self taught or formal)
* Ability to write good English content