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November 2, 2007

Make a Joule Thief

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Make has a great weekend project that shows you how to make a Joule Thief, this is a device that allows you to run an LED from a single 1.5 volt battery. For a similar project check out the rusty nail LED project.

Via: Make

Other than the toroid coil here is everything that you would need:
1K Resistor
NPN Transistor
Blue LED or White LED


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5 Responses to “Make a Joule Thief”

  1. Turd Says:

    This is a really cool circuit. The ones I’ve made have ran for days on a “dead” batteries.
    Andy sells a kit at his site for a buck: http://www.solarbug.com/solar-kit.html

  2. Project_Nightmare Says:

    I’ve seen circuits similar to this, it works my the transistor causing the transformer to oscilate

  3. Tweaq Says:

    This just gave me an idea for a circuit: A “reusable” joule thief. Such as the joule thief either is used to recharge another battery, or stores the remaining power in a large capacitor for later use.

  4. nil0lab Says:

    How about a MOSFET-based circuit- less loss, right?

  5. Chezet Says:

    Very interesting and helpful post.
    I add your blog in my Google Reader! 😉

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