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October 30, 2007

Tesla CD Turbine

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I don’t think this engine is very efficient or reliable but sure looks like lots of fun to build. 🙂 However I wouldn’t recommend spinning a saw blade at high RPM when it is magnetically connected to a plastic CD cake box.

“The Making of the Tesla CD Turbine Prototype is the story of how the Tesla CD Turbine came into being. It starts with the initial thought process (What if McGyver met Tesla…), then continues with the narrated assembly of the first crude prototype using recycled CD’s, cheap neodymium magnets, and dime store ice-cream scoop inlet. And this thing actually works! I’ve made a series of You-tube videos that show this same first model running on both water and air pressure, right up to catastrophic failure RPM. Will it give “free energy” from a garden hose? Will the Skilsaw Attachment threaten to cut something besides me?? Stay Tuned and look for ” Running the Tesla CD Turbine On Water” followed by the scary ” Running the Tesla CD Turbine With Skilsaw Attachment” and more!”



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10 Responses to “Tesla CD Turbine”

  1. bender386 Says:

    that saw blade looks like the most dangerous thing i have ever seen.

  2. feki00 Says:

    Yea the idea is sick too. What if at higher rpm it just fall off… arms, legs, heads, everywhere.

  3. bla Says:

    I’ve really no clue what’s this about

  4. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Wouldn’t the magnets on both sides of the disk caddy just shred it?

  5. Fluffy Says:


    Based on boundary layer effect, the smoother the surface the more energy gets transfered.

  6. Hello Moto Says:

    I don’t see why they didn’t just mount the valve at the compressor instead of near the blade. It would make this much ‘safer’ and would allow them to turn it off without risking their hand getting choped clean off.

  7. ryan Says:


  8. rick crammond Says:

    Hey I’ve still got my hands! In fact you can see them in my hot new videos of the CD Turbine being run off water pressure from a faucet. Check out the turbine Salad Spinner, SuperStirrer, and other fun and educational videos at my YouTube/MrfixitRick

  9. venki Says:

    Hi ppl

    I am trying to build a tesla turbine using 13-dvd’s.Just i wanted to know how will the intlet air exits from the setup i.e. is it from the side panels….we make a hole of size equal to outer dia of the vent holes and the air will be leaving from that hole on each side anels it it like that??????am i right???Or can anyone give me a better idea…
    Actually the vent holes are for making the gases to exit the turbine ????

  10. rick crammond Says:

    Hey venki,
    There is an inlet nozzle, which gets glued to the side of the Cover. The outlet is the centre post of the CD Spindle, which gets drilled to allow fluid passage.

    You can find pictures, videos and building tips for the Tesla CD Turbine in my 3 instructables at Instructables.com (search for mrfixits)

    First of all you must realize just how dangerous it is to run the turbine on air. If you exceed a certain RPM, the CD’s will explode with much force, sending shards everywhere.

    The turbine should be run inside a protective enclosure when using air pressure. I am developing a polycarbonate case for this purpose, and I also use a 1/8 inch thick steel enclosure for testing. If you are serious you will use a tachometer and lots of protective equipment.

    The CD Turbine can be run safely on water-pressure as my last instructable indicates:

    contact me through YouTube/MrfixitRick if you want help. Good luck in your project!

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