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October 30, 2007

Tesla CD Turbine

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I don’t think this engine is very efficient or reliable but sure looks like lots of fun to build. 🙂 However I wouldn’t recommend spinning a saw blade at high RPM when it is magnetically connected to a plastic CD cake box.

“The Making of the Tesla CD Turbine Prototype is the story of how the Tesla CD Turbine came into being. It starts with the initial thought process (What if McGyver met Tesla…), then continues with the narrated assembly of the first crude prototype using recycled CD’s, cheap neodymium magnets, and dime store ice-cream scoop inlet. And this thing actually works! I’ve made a series of You-tube videos that show this same first model running on both water and air pressure, right up to catastrophic failure RPM. Will it give “free energy” from a garden hose? Will the Skilsaw Attachment threaten to cut something besides me?? Stay Tuned and look for ” Running the Tesla CD Turbine On Water” followed by the scary ” Running the Tesla CD Turbine With Skilsaw Attachment” and more!”