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October 23, 2007

Fiber Optic LED Rose Project

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If you have ever wanted to play with some fiber optics here is a Fiber Optic LED Rose Project that you could try out. Nice to see some of my LEDs were used to make a cool project!

Parts Needed:

“Wires, solder, and soldering gun (of course)
1 green led (I used 6000mcd) – Found online
1 red led (6000mcd) – Found online
On-Off Switch – (a few bucks at RADIO SHACK)
Fiber Optics – I salvaged mine from a UFO Toy I found on Ebay.
Silk Rose
Plastic Tube – (ACE HARDWARE) Mine was clear but I sprayed glass frosting spray
paint on it (HOME DEPOT)
9v battery

Plastic flower pot (found basically anywhere)
Decorative Pebbles (found at local crafts store) ”

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6 Responses to “Fiber Optic LED Rose Project”

  1. micsaund Says:

    Since I visit amusement parks on a regular basis, I often see fiber optics used for lighting effects. Like you, I’ve scavenged the fibers from toys and stuff, but I have yet to find an affordable source for the bulk fibers like they’d use in a huge Disney-style ride.

    Anyone have tips on where to get fiber optic fibers for cheap? I’m guessing they shouldn’t be too expensive since you don’t need full optical fidelity for lighting like you do for data transmission purposes.


  2. Joe Says:

    I’m the author of the tutorial from http://www.HacknMod.com – here is a good, cheap source. They supply SideGlow, EndGlow, and other types of fiber optics.

    You can buy it cheap from this site:


  3. micsaund Says:

    Great – thanks for helping-out, Joe. As an aside, after viewing that site, I had flashbacks to the mid 90’s web with all the blinking and colored text 😉


  4. goclubs » Blog Archive » Fiber Optic LED Rose Project Says:

    […] sourced here Author Comments (0) […]

  5. TugaTronica : Rosa de LEDs com fibra óptica Says:

    […] Aqui está um projecto bastante didáctico onde se pode começar a aprender a trabalhar com fibra óptica: uma Rosa de LEDs com fibra óptica. Ideal para oferecer à namorada, mulher ou até à nossa mãezinha. […]

  6. feki00 Says:

    A few years ago i saw a christmas tree which was made of fiberoptics. There was a transparent colored plastic sheet rotating between the ligth and the fiberoptics. So the whole tree changed its colour.

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