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October 16, 2007

Halloween Monster in a Box

at 5:46 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Insane Equipment

If you want to do an extra special project this Halloween why not look into the Halloween Monster in a Box. The results are very spooky indeed.

“I’ve built a prototype Monster-in-a-Box that I’m pretty happy with – based on Mark Butler’s Super Easy Monster in a Box, (http://markbutler.8m.com/creepzone/semitb.htm) I just added a few enhancements – a real trunk (thrift shop $10), the drill opens the lid instead of lifting the box, a light inside to illuminate a half corpse prop (lid lifts about 3 inches – just enough to see “something” inside!). Originally I used a hardware store flasher disc (39 cents) to intermittently interrupt power to both the drill and the light so the box lid bangs erraticlly instead of at a steady pace but since it takes some time to “warm up”, I pulled it out in favor of a short duration timer instead. To build a Monster In A Box (MIAB), you need to start with a box. I found this one at a second hand store. It was $10. Really! It didn’t fit in my car and I had to drive home at about 5 mph with it sticking out of the back of my trunk. I was NOT leaving it for someone else to buy while I went for a larger vehicle!”


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2 Responses to “Halloween Monster in a Box”

  1. Project_Nightmare Says:

    You should turn that into a case mod. Then it’ll be scary and cool!

  2. NIL8r Says:

    Cool idea, I like the truck (esp. at $10)
    How do you stop the drill in a position that will keep the trunk shut until someone walks up?

    The cool thing about the crate idea is that you can tie it in with a motion detector to scare people as they approach.

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