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October 11, 2007

Mobile Phone Telescope

at 12:39 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets

Here is a must have item for all of the peeping toms and bird watchers out there. Now not only can you easily snap pictures with your mobile phone you can also take pictures from long distances! The Mobile Phone Telescope is sure to be a popular device.

“This Generic Mobile Phone Telescope, with the flexible adapter to mount the 7×18 telescope,
can be used on most of mobile phones or PDAs. With that telescope,
you can zoom to focus the distant objects clearly and make a high quality photograph easily.
Makes it doubly interesting as high resolution camera phones.

– 7×18 telescope
– Use telescope to magnify for near views.
– Lens rotation for adjusting clear image.
– Suitable for any camera phone with 91-109mm length.

– Adjust the length of the adapter and mount it on the camera phone.
– Align the telescope attachment base with the camera lens.
– Screw the telescope to the adapter.
– Adjust the clear focus though the LCD display.
– Take pictures. ”



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5 Responses to “Mobile Phone Telescope”

  1. feki00 Says:

    O M G
    This one is a very very cool idea, extremly handy!!

  2. Alexander Says:

    Or, buy a real digital camera… Duh?

  3. feki00 Says:

    Yeah yeah, right! But what if you cant afford it… this is cheap sollution.

  4. wtmac Says:

    yeah dude and it’s practical, mind ya alexander, most mobile phones has 3 megapixels up, so why buy a pro camera? yeah dude

  5. santosh nalawade Says:

    wherebcan I buy this ,price?

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