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October 9, 2007

10 Most Brilliant Inventions of 2007 – R&D Magazine – Integrated Primary Flight Display

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R&D Magazine
has put together a list of the 10 most brilliant inventions of 2007, the one that stood out for me was the Honeywell Integrated Primary Flight Display Read about the other inventions here.

Video after the jump.

“Integrated Primary Flight Display (IPFD) is Honeywell’s Synthetic Vision System (SVS) ― a new product that will be offered on multiple platforms for business jets. IPFD uses cues that pilots already understand to provide them with a VFR visual environment regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.
The integrated primary flight display uses Honeywell’s industry-leading Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) database and our advanced Head-Up Display (HUD) symbology. Combined, they give pilots an unprecedented, coherent, and continuous window of situational awareness of their flight path, terrain, and navigational environment. IPFD is a tactical decision-making tool that helps the pilot make necessary short-term decisions needed during flight. It complements Honeywell’s proprietary Interactive Navigation (INAV™). INAV is Honeywell’s navigation display which allows on-screen graphical flight-planning. It is a strategic tool allowing the pilot to plan far in advance of events in the flight plan.

IPFD employs performance-based HUD symbology information. It helps the pilot determine the outcome of many navigation tasks, such as avoiding terrain and obstacles. The HUD symbology also helps the pilot understand in a very intuitive way where the aircraft is going and makes the energy management of the airplane, especially during critical flight phases such as takeoffs and landings more natural. In addition, the blending of symbology, such as range rings and runway center lines with the terrain assures the pilot accurate distance information that’s easily interpreted.

The IPFD enhances the EGPWS system by backing up decision links in the accident chain even further, giving a new larger margin of safety. It is a strategic ground proximity tool allowing continual prevention of decisions leading to CFIT.

The IPFD terrain data comes from the Honeywell EGPWS database which has a record of 500+ million hours of proven operation on commercial, business jets and helicopters and is credited with 30 CFIT saves. The database is continuously updated with newer and higher resolution data, and endures a thorough and strict validation and configuration control exceeding the DO200A compliance standards.”

Thanks for the tip Michelle



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2 Responses to “10 Most Brilliant Inventions of 2007 – R&D Magazine – Integrated Primary Flight Display”

  1. Chris Says:

    As an aspiring pilot it is an enriching feeling to see that primary flight display technology has come a long way. This system is amazing and is a real milestone in commercial aviation.

  2. d Says:

    An excellent implementation, but I don’t understand the “Brilliant Inventions of 2007” label? Haven’t these been available for some time now?

    Here’s one that is within the budget of most homebuilders (relatively speaking):

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