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October 4, 2007

Binary LED Clock

at 11:51 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Electronic Hacks

Check out the cool Binary LED Clock that Hacked Gadgets member Turd made. Have a look at the forum post for more details including the schematic. Looks like this is a great use for some old school 74HC4040 Binary Ripple Counters.
Video after the jump.



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13 Responses to “Binary LED Clock”

  1. Alexander Says:

    That is, without a doubt, the most exciting video I have ever seen.

  2. bender386 Says:

    This reminds me i should really start to build my one of these.
    There up there with nixie clocks now all somebody has to do is make one with neon lights.

  3. Turd Says:

    “That is, without a doubt, the most exciting video I have ever seen.”

    LOL Like that? I could make another if you want, maybe a box set? LOL

    The only problem is setting the time because there’s no switch debouncers.

  4. munchable Says:

    I wonder what happens when the whole of the right side is lit up?

    Seriously now, why did you use so many ICs? I assume they’re binary counters and you have an oscillator chip?

  5. Relentless Media » Binary LED clock Says:

    […] Binary LED Clock – Link […]

  6. Turd Says:

    The whole right side with never all light up because the inputs from a four input AND gate are connected to the top four LEDs, so when they light the chip (seconds) resets and clocks the next chip (minutes).
    Every IC in the circuit is needed.
    It doesn’t use an oscillator chip, It uses the circuit from an analog clock mechanism along with some resistors, diodes and a transistor to get a one second time base.
    Heres a very exciting video of the minutes incrementing:

  7. feki00 Says:

    You have to be a sup3r-l33t-g33k to tell the time, but for me its impossible. A watch like this would be cool, but the ic-s are big to make a small one, maybe if you use ssop socket…

  8. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » Binary LED clock Says:

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  9. Evan Says:

    Check out this cool binary clock. It uses the “power of two” format or origal binary format. hours/minutes/seconds

  10. Evan Says:

    OK…so it didnt leave the website.


  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    I need one of those for the office 🙂

  12. aj Says:

    how can i get the schematics for this project i would like to recreate this in my electronics class

  13. Turd Says:

    Here you go aj:

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