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October 1, 2007

iRobot ConnectR – Family Robot

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The latest iRobot is the ConnectR, looks like this could be a great hackable robotic platform. It will be available soon for the mass market but unfortunately it is currently only being made available for a select few to test it.

Video after the jump.

“Don’t miss out on special moments at home even when you are away. The iRobot ConnectR is a fun new way to see, talk to and interact with your loved ones, friends and pets – when you can’t be there in person. Combining the latest in Internet communications and robot technology, ConnectR lets you virtually visit with loved ones, relatives and pets anytime you wish – seeing, hearing and interacting with them in their home as if you were there in person.

* Participate in family moments even though you’re working late
* On a business trip? Read your kids a story and see their faces light up
* Join the fun from near or far
* Throw a party from a thousand miles away
* Tell Fido he’s a “good boy” even while you’re on vacation”



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8 Responses to “iRobot ConnectR – Family Robot”

  1. DonQuijote Says:

    well, even though it is a nice platform, i am a fan of face-to face meetings in the classical meaning of the word… especially with loved ones, because there is more to meeting than seeing and hearing. the smell of persons is also an important mean of interaction, along with the unique texture of ones skin… so even though i consider this a useful gadget, i hope it will not become a substitute for hugging your girlfriend, your kid or even your dog….

  2. Squarefish06 Says:

    * “Tell Fido he’s a “good boy” even while you’re on vacation”
    While hoping that he isn’t ticked off at you for leaving him in a boring house all on his own, and that he doesn’t decide to take a whizz all over your new toy. 😉

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    I agree with Don that it won’t become a substitute for human contact but it could enhance the email, phone or web cam experience that some people currently rely on. When I did a lot of travel I knew lots of non-tech people who purchased laptops and web cams just to add the visual experience to their conversations with their families at home.

  4. Make Something Today - Today’s Top Blog Posts on DIY - Powered by SocialRank Says:

    […] iRobot ConnectR – Family Robot […]

  5. kevin Says:

    lets see a home defense mod…

  6. Suicide Bots Says:

    […] So Saith Hacked Gadgets: The latest iRobot is the ConnectR, looks like this could be a great hackable robotic platform. […]

  7. Mr. Maigo Says:

    But does it still vacuum?

  8. feki00 Says:

    It will cost a lots of $ and for me it look like a chamberpot 😛

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