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September 22, 2007

Robot Arm Clocks

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These are probably some of the most expensive clocks around. 🙂 I would love to have a Robot Arm Clock in my living room though.

“The robot arm is probably the most mathematically complex robot you could ever build. As such, this tutorial cant tell you everything you need to know. Instead, I will take shortcuts and just talk about the bear minimum you need to know to build an effective robot arm. Please bear with the math . . . enjoy!

To get you started, here is a video of a robot arm assignment I had when I took Robotic Manipulation back in college. My group programmed it to type the current time into the keyboard . . . (lesson learned, dont crash robot arms into your keyboard at full speed while testing) ”


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6 Responses to “Robot Arm Clocks”

  1. elektronika Says:

    extremely funny and coo000ool

  2. Shadyman Says:

    I want one!

  3. feki00 Says:

    Wait what happend at 2:55?? Programming fault?
    btw i want one too, maybe the second one on the video.

  4. TugaTronica : Robot Arm Clock Says:

    […] Confesso que fiquei bastante impressionado com o Robot Arm Clock, uma notícia que encontrei no HackedGadgets. Era giro ter uma coisa destas no meu quarto […]

  5. andar909 Says:

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

  6. technoisland Says:

    You have good in mathematic especiallya 3D vision to build this robot.

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