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September 22, 2007

Big Seven Segment Display

at 4:55 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Have a look at this huge Seven Segment Display made by Turd, a Hacked Gadgets Forum member. Other than the ones made by the guys as Sparkfun this has got to be the largest one I have seen.

Watch a video of it in action.

“I made this for a test. It’s made from a picture frame, some foam from a camping mat, blue translucent film and a shopping bag all from A Buck Or Two. The LEDs I got out of a crappy flashlight. “


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5 Responses to “Big Seven Segment Display”

  1. feki00 Says:

    Hmm it will come handy when i will be old and almost blind.

  2. Muhammad Hafeez ullah Says:

    Hello Sir, I hope u r fine. Sir I want to make a Seven Segment Display. But here is not specific electronic circuit diagram. I want to help

  3. Rohail Kiani Says:

    I agree. I also need a seven segment display. Please e-mail me on 04kianir@kingsway.stockport.sch.uk with any information

  4. peter chamier Says:

    I want to make a counter that cam count up 50 using two seven segmeny displays that can add
    and subtract and reset. Hope you can help me.
    Thanks Peter

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Here is a simple circuit that will do what you want.

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