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September 20, 2007

Pluto FPGA Digital Oscilloscope

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Thanks to Paul Gittings for leaving a comment with this cool FPGA digital oscilloscope that Jean P. Nicolle from FPGA 4 Fun developed.

“Let’s build a simple digital oscilloscope.

* Single channel 100MHz/100MSPS (100 mega-samples-per-second)
* RS-232 based (we’ll look into USB too)
* Inexpensive!

A simple digital oscilloscope recipe
Using parts from KNJN.com, here are the basic items of our recipe (prices accurate as of this writing, Feb 2007).

* Pluto FPGA board, with TXDI and cable ($39.95)
* Flash acquisition board ($29.95)
* BNC, standoffs, and connectors ($4.95 + $0.95 + $2.95)

That’s about $78.75 so far.”


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7 Responses to “Pluto FPGA Digital Oscilloscope”

  1. vim Says:

    “Note that since we are using a 100MSPS Flash board, a good idea is to limit ourselves to signals below 10MHz”

  2. flynnguy Says:

    Any linux or OS X software for this?

  3. Julius Wijaya Says:

    Sorry i dont quote understand, is it really mean same as analog 100MHz osciloscope capability? can it also be use as a spectrum analyzer?

  4. Sapros Scire Says:

    Just map out the serialized cycles in software, usb over rs for sure. Something easy perhaps? I am sure usb signaling currently reside quite high. Compared to what? Well eth0 runs quite hot and using wifi would see a neat little unit. But this unit definitely seems quite novel. Still not sure bout the parity used tho? maybe I will decide.

  5. Sapros Scire Says:

    sorry, “signals”

  6. rajkot Says:

    i’ve choosen this project as my academic project please could u help me in this regard

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Rajkot,

    There is a link in the article to more information.

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