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September 19, 2007

RObotic Automation Control Hierarchy – ROACH Bot

at 5:48 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Not as creepy as it sounds ROACH is simply an acronym for RObotic Automation Control Hierarchy.

“Here you can see the white camera, and conical lense hood of the IR pyroelectric sensor on the pan/tilt head. The pan (stepper)/tilt (servo) mechanism is partially obscured. You can see the main power batteries arranged in a triangular configuration. The SRAM backup power is supplied by 4×1.2VDC NiCd batteries located in the center of the triangle. Video system power is supplied by a 12 volt battery pack on the underside of the robot.”


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2 Responses to “RObotic Automation Control Hierarchy – ROACH Bot”

  1. feki00 Says:

    It looks like an moveing loudspeaker.

  2. stephenslave Says:

    Hi friend,
    It’s nice post on robotic.It give very nice information on robotics automation.

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