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September 12, 2007

Internet Enabled Coffee Machine

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Next time you walk over to your coffee maker to turn it on jut imagine the time you could have saved if you had a Internet Enabled Coffee Machine. 🙂

“The goal of our implementation was to make the machine useable in both standalone and Internet connected modes. This means breaking into the push buttons and interfacing with the status LED. However the PCB within the machine floats at MAINS voltages. This is a potentially dangerous situation therefore one of the prime interfacing tasks is to create a totally electrically isolated inteface. We achieve this using opto isolators. Just before boxing the machine up, we made some final interfacing tests. The most important test is isolation where we checked that the optoisolators were indeed correctly connected and that there would be no electrical connection between the WebBrick and the coffee machine.”


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20 Responses to “Internet Enabled Coffee Machine”

  1. Michael Gonzo Says:

    Damn! It would seem my brilliant idea has been taken… ah well, I guess this’ll just save some time for my projects then…

  2. Wayne D. Says:

    Yeah, good idea, but I would like to see someone make the espresso machine version that also dumps it’s own grounds. Now THAT would be spectacular!

  3. feki00 Says:

    Internet coffee. lol

  4. Why Make An Internet Enabled Coffee Machine? Because You Can - GEARFUSE Says:

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  5. Gadget News » Why Make An Internet Enabled Coffee Machine? Because You Can Says:

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  6. Jordan Horwich Says:

    Hehehe… I could use one of these! :p Life just keeps on getting easier doesn’t it? 😀

  7. joebob Says:

    i wants one.

  8. joebob Says:

    HAHAHAA imagine one of these at an internet cafe. where you go to there site and buy coffee online!

  9. The internet-enabled coffee maker | Start Tech News Says:

    […] [Via Hacked Gadgets] […]

  10. chris noto Says:

    I’m looking forward to more electronic appliance advancements like this.

  11. The internet-enabled coffee maker at Wolf Creative Says:

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  12. Adrian Says:

    LOL, I would definitely love to have one of these here! I think anyone that uses the computer as much as I do would!

  13. The internet-enabled coffee maker at aoortic! dot com Says:

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  14. Stephen Carboni Says:

    Instant Coffee at the click of a mouse.

  15. Ryan Dahl Says:

    My co-worker and I (both computer technicians) made one of these three or four months ago.

    The design was not as clean. We used a CD-ROM tray’s PCB, and wired the eject button to the power button on the coffee maker. Using one of the small exhaust port holes to trail the wires out of, we had the computer sitting beside the coffee-maker, and could use the Windows “Right-Click -> Eject” feature over a remote desktop connection to power on the pot.

    We turned it on one night at my apartment, went to work and then had some coffee already made. IT pwnt. Sitting in the back room now though, buried underneath a bunch of other little frankensteins ..

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Sounds like my kind of project. 🙂 Got any pictures?

  17. Ryan Dahl Says:

    I don’t believe we took any that night, but we could set it back up.

  18. anonymous Says:

    internet cafes will never be the same…

  19. refi Says:

    is it sold in a packed zip, with or with out jar?

  20. Links 21 [laxu] Says:

    […] Internetfähige Kaffeemaschine […]

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